2226a Micro Ohmmeter


The digital micro ohmmeter type 2226a is a unique instrument capable of handling even the toughest resistance measuring applications. The type 2226a is designed to measure resistance values in the range of0.1µohm – 20 kohm.

Product Details:
  • Four-wire Kelvin principle eliminates lead wire resistances
  • Selectable test currents up to 10 A
  • Used for quick and accurate low-resistance measurements
  • Charging inductor mode for reduced settling times
  • Coils for motor, generators, transformers, generator bars etc.
  • Cable wires and screens
  • Switches and relay contacts
  • Shunts, potentiometers, slide-wires, heater elements etc.
Communication Capabilities:
  • USB Interface: data communication and remote control


Product Info