2763 / 2767 / 2769 Automatic Transformer Test Set


Catalog ID: 2763The 2763 automatic current and voltage transformer test set is a modern, fully automatic instrument for fast, accurate measurement of instrument transformer errors. Increasingly severe quality control requirements call for a higher degree of operating comfort and absolute reliability of the measuring equipment employed. Based on the latest design technology, this instrument sets new standards of quality, reliability, convenient operation and simple maintenance.Its measurement ranges for current/voltage errors, phase displacement and current/ voltage excitation are fully up to international standard requirements. This measuring instrument has been tested by PTB (Physical Technical Federal Authority) in Germany. It fulfills all requirements according to the PTB test rules for measuring instrument transformers and is approved for calibration.

Product Details:
    • Current and voltage transformer measurements with a single instrument
    • Fully automatic measurement and digital display of current/voltage ratio errors, phase displacement, test current and voltage
    • Test and standard transformers may have different ratios
    • Different standard and test transformer ratio are matched without use of an external divider
    • Interactive parameter entry simplifies operation
    • Plain-language display of error messages on a 2 x 16 character dot-matrix
    • Connection for external printer (RS 232 interface)
    • Specifications conform to the standards/ recommendations of IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-2, IEC 60044-3, IEC 60044-7, ANSI/IEEE C57.13-1978 and VDE 0414, part 2
    • Including RS 232 interface for computer connection
    • A cost-effective solution
    • Measurements are possible on instrument transformers of practically any primary and secondary current and voltage ratings
    • Different transformers can be tested using one single standard transformer
    • Short measurement times, and dynamic averaging
    • High accuracy, and low inherent burden
  • For remote-controlled measurement – IEEE 488 interface
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Quality control procedures
  • Official tetrology stations
Communication Capabilities:
  • RS232 interface
  • Optionally: IEEE488
  • IEEE 488 interface type 2767/1

Product Info