DDX9121b Partial Discharge Meter


Catalog ID: DDX 9121b

The DDX 9121b is the latest in the DDX family for Partial Discharge & Radio Interference Voltage testing. With the DDX 9121b, users can test and generate reports from a single computer.
The DDX 9121b is modular and fits a wide range of PD detection applications. One measuring input to simultaneous 9 measuring inputs are possible. Traditional partial discharge measurements according to IEC 60270 or RIV measurement or PD under DC are covered. Pass/Fail test of advanced phase resolution time analysis are possible as well.
The DDX 9121b comprises 1 of 9 stackable unit(s) communicating with a remote PC (optional), which handles the display of PD information using the DDX 9121b/SWR data acquisition and remote control software. The software displays test results and generates reports.
The DDX9121b increases the laboratory sensitivity as it is equipped with digital filters allowing the measurement frequency band to be shifted into a less noisy range and suppressing frequency dependent noise.
The reports can be printed out or displayed as a web page. Users can also export the results to a spreadsheet. Software also provides bitmaps for inclusion in other reports.
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Product Details:
    • User defined measuring band Modular design, 1 to 9 detectors- easily upgradable
    • Embedded switch with four PD inputs per detector
    • Simultaneous RIV and PD reading
    • Phase Resolved PD (PRPD) patterns like Φ-q-n (phase, magnitude, occurrence)
    • High resolution spectrum analyzer with oscilloscope
    • Data acquisition and test report generation
    • AC and DC measuring modes
    • PD Site Location (SL) on cables
    • Reduces ground noise – The built in frequency spectrum analysis and selectable frequency band let the user optimize the setup in seconds.
    • Optimizes investment if needs change. Unit can be easily upgraded (RIV, 4 inputs switch, simultaneous PD readings, PD on DC, etc.)
    • Reduces training time -The Windows based software makes the use of the device easier than ever. Operators can start using the device in minutes.
    • Straightforward replacement -replacement is as simple as removing the obsolete PD detector and measuring quadruple and installing the DDX 9121b.
    • PD interpretation – The phase resolved analysis and recording capabilities allow for future data analysis.
    • Easy to integrate into test systems – Its compact design standard BNC measuring cables and remote control capabilities make it ideal for an integrated PD test system together with an AC power supply.
  • Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Rotating Machines
  • Power Capacitors
  • Cables
  • Switchgears
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Research and Development
Communication Capabilities:
  • The reports are saved as HTML files containing graphs and charts. In addition, all data can be exported as comma separated values (CSV) format file for further analysis or for preparing highly customized test reports in other programs like MS Excel.
  • KAL 9511 – Basic Partial Discharge Calibrator
  • KAL 9510 – Intermediate Partial Discharge Calibrator
  • KAL 9520 – Advanced Partial Discharge Calibrator
  • KAL 9530 – RIV calibrator
  • AKV 9310 – Passive universal coupling impedances series
  • AKV 9330 – Coupling impedance optimized for power capacitors PD measurement
  • 9230 – Coupling capacitors series
  • 9230/20/1-PD – Coupling capacitor 20 kV for Partial Discharge measurement