3695 / 3697 Voltage Burden

Catalog ID: 3695
The 3695 is a universal high accurate voltage burden for standard current ratings with freely adjustable power steps up to 75 VA. With the additional burden extension type 3697 the power range is expandable up to 400VA.This programmable voltage burden unit is ideal for integration with the 2767 or 2769 test set in a full remote controlled instrument voltage transformer test system.

Product Details:
    • The universal voltage burden is suitable for standard voltage ratings. Power levels are selectable over a wide range (up to 75 VA) with cos B = 0.1 to 1 at 50 and 60 Hz
    • The power range can be extended to 400 VA with an additional passive voltage burden
    • Nine separate burden settings (SN, cos B) can be stored and retrieved as needed
    • High accuracy of 1% – even with additional passive burden connected
    • The internal resistance of the measuring system can be parameterised from the keyboard and is automatically compensated
    • The unit can thus be used with a variety of instrument transformer test sets, such as Tettex types 2711/22, 2765 and 2767 or other makes
    • The unit can be totally integrated into an automatic measurement system via the RS-232 or optional IEEE 488 GPIB interface
    • Prompting for interactive input of parameters makes operation simple.
    • Cost-effectiveness: many classical passive burdens can be replaced by a single electronic voltage burden.
  • Manufacturer of voltage instrument transformers
  • Calibration laboratories
  • National Standards
  • Laboratories
  • On-Site Testing of high voltage instrument transformers
Communication Capabilities:
  • RS232 connection
  • IEEE 488 connection

Product Info