2795 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter



The result of our close collaboration with worldwide TTR users and industry specialists in power and distribution transformers is this advanced instrument with its unbeaten performance.The TTR 2795 Transformer Test Equipment measures turns ratio with the highest accuracy in the industry. This advanced instrument automatically recognizes winding connections and vector group numbers of transformer windings.

Product Info.

Product Details:
  • Fully automated measurement of turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement and excitation current.
  • Highest measurement accuracy in the industry of up to 0.03% makes the 2795 the perfect tool for preventive maintenance measurement
  • Automatic winding connection identification AWCI (patent pending) and automatic vector group detection supports the quick and easy operation
  • Build-in printer for quick test report generation and total prevention of data loss
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments. Closed case is IP65 waterproof, open case is splash proof
  • Remote control software to operate the unit from a laptop PC and for easy gathering exchanging and analyzing of measurement data.
  • Quick setup with intuitive guide-through user interface. Test setups and results can be stored and recalled, printed out with the built-in printer or used for later analysis
  • Safety connection control feature proofs test setup before applying regular test voltage to guarantee safety of the personnel and instrument.
  • Remote tap changer switch enables convenient testing of multi-tap transformers.
  • Power- and distribution transformers
  • Instrument transformers
Communication Capabilities:
  • Remote control via laptop and application software
  • Computer: RS-232C, 19200 baud, 9 pole
  • Adat formátum: CSV, XML,HTML
  • 2795/V: Test box to verify the general functionality of the transformer turns ratio meter type 2795
  • 279X/TAP: External test switch for tap changer testing, 20m
  • 279X/10: Extension cables (2 pieces), 3-phase, 10m each
  • 279X/SINGLE: Single phase measuring cable (2 pieces), 5m each
  • 279x/WE2: Warranty Extension to 2 years for 2795/2796
  • 279x/WE3: Warranty Extension to 3 years for 2795/2796

Product Info