SGDA Impulse Generator


Catalog ID: SGDA

The SGDA impulse generators are the perfect solution for carrying out impulse tests on HV or UHV cables (5 kJ version) as well as on MV and HV power transformers (10 kJ version). Their small footprint and stable design meet the needs of universities and R&D centers. And with its unique Delta-structure, the SGDA impulse generators are easy to transport and erect onsite.The SGDA series are available for 5 or 10 kJ stage energy, with total charging voltages from 400 kV up to 3000 kV. Also, this system features the lowest internal inductance ever achieved and is

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HiAS 744 Impulse Analyzer


Catalog ID: HiAS 744

The HiAS™ 744 is the unique tailor made impulse analyzer for the industry. Haefely, the pioneer company for impulse testing since 1904, has been continuously developing and upgrading high-voltage impulse measuring/analyzing solutions over the years. The latest in a long line of distinguished impulse analyzers is the Highest Resolution Impulse Analyzing System HiAS™ 744. Haefely has set a new benchmark with unbeatable performance. The new front-end solution provides a 16-bit resolution at 250 MS/s with the highest measurement accuracy. Software, which has been upgraded to suit the new hardware, retains the comfortable interface proven and tested

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DMI551 AC, DC and Impulse Peak Voltage Measuring Instrument


Catalog ID: DMI 551

The Digital Measuring Instrument DMI 551 is an instrument for measurement of AC, DC and impulse peak voltages by means of 3 independent channels. The instrument can also be used for firing a generator or a chopping sphere gap and to trigger an oscilloscope or any other measuring device. The instrument has also implemented a flash detector to store and display the last voltage measurement and its polarity before a breakdown or flashover occurred.Typical main applications of the unit include measurements of a voltage divider output or for automated product testing where the DMI 551 is

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R 500 REF Reference Divider


Catalog ID: R 500 REF, RCZ 500 REF

Reference dividers are used for comparative measurements for the calibration of measuring systems. Reference dividers type RCZ are designed for the calibration of voltage dividers for AC, DC, full and tail chopped impulse voltages. Of course they can be used for normal measurements also.Reference dividers type R are designed for the calibration of voltage dividers for full and front-chopped lightning impulse voltages. Also R dividers can be used for normal measurements.Reference dividers by Haefely meet all requirements of IEC 60060-2 in particular those with respect to measuring accuracy and step response.

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PSK AC Dielectric Test System


Catalog ID: PSK

Our PSK AC Dielectric Test Systems are specifically designed for test applications which require a stable output voltage, even if the load may change during testing. For example for heavy corona, wet tests or pollution tests to name a few. These systems are also especially useful for when the load is inductive, such as inductive voltage transformers.This system allows for a variable duty cycle and includes the option to add radiators or forced oil-cooling for extended duty cycles. The PSK systems are optimized for indoor or outdoor tests with long duration or continuous duty cycles.These products are

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KIT 4.0

Használható nagyfeszültségű próbák helyszíni elvégzéséhez üzembe helyezések, üzemzavarok esetén, vagy diagnosztikai mérések feszültségforrásaként. Váltó-, egyen-, ill. lökőfeszültségű vizsgálatok univerzális, moduláris felépítésű eszköze a hozzátartozó mérő- és vezérlőberendezésekkel.
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