DDX9121b Partial Discharge Meter


Catalog ID: DDX 9121b

The DDX 9121b is the latest in the DDX family for Partial Discharge & Radio Interference Voltage testing. With the DDX 9121b, users can test and generate reports from a single computer.
The DDX 9121b is modular and fits a wide range of PD detection applications. One measuring input to simultaneous 9 measuring inputs are possible. Traditional partial discharge measurements according to IEC 60270 or RIV measurement or PD under DC are covered. Pass/Fail test of advanced phase resolution time analysis are possible as well.
The DDX 9121b comprises 1 of 9 stackable unit(s) communicating with

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AKV9310 Measuring Impedance

Catalog ID: AKV 9310

The AKV 9310 series of quadripole (coupling impedance) is a fully passive measurement system optimized for use with the DDX 9121b series of partial discharge detectors. The AKV 9310 quadripole is designed for simultaneous measurement of high-frequency discharge pulses as well as the HV test voltage.The AKV 9310 series of quadripole is equipped with an internal voltage divider and a dedicated 4 mm output connector for an external low-arm device.

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9520 Partial Discharge Meter Calibrator

Catalog ID: KAL 9520

The KAL 9520 has been designed to exceed the normal requirements of a PD calibrator. Its wide range (from 100fC to 50nC), its small injection capacitor and its advance features (double pulse, polarity pulse selection, internal and external synchronization, linear range selection, etc) make the KAL 9520 unique.

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9511 Partial Discharge Meter Calibrator

Catalog ID: KAL 9511

Partial Discharge calibrator KAL 9511 is a successor to the popular Tettex 9216. KAL 9511 covers a wide range of applications.
It is compact, easy to use and has the same long battery operation capability of Tettex 9216 but offers higher performance by using more than 10x smaller injection Capacitance resulting in a higher SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).
Its unique high-end design ensures flat response of the calibration pulse in the frequency domain far beyond the IEC-recommended measuring band.
The PD calibrator is easily controlled by two large buttons. Charge values are displayed on a

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9510 Partial Discharge Meter Calibrator


Catalog ID: KAL 9510

The KAL 9510 has been designed to fulfill the standard requirements of a PD calibrator. Its wide range (from 1 pC to 50 nC), its small injection capacitor, carefully selected features and intuitive user interface makes the KAL 9510 unique.

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