FRA 5310

Catalog ID: Frequency Response Analyzers FRA 5310
The FRA 5310 is a diagnosis instrument for the detection of mechanical distortions of transformer winding. These distortions can be caused by electro-dynamical forces which appear during short-circuits or by transportation damages during movement.The Sweep Frequency Response Analysis method is based on winding transfer function measured in a wide range of frequency. The system records the transformers _frequency response fingerprint”. Even small winding movements or distortions will cause legible change of transfer curve, which can be detected. Special active measuring probes minimize the influence of test object connecting and earthing which results in
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FRA 5311


Catalog ID: FRA 5311

The FRA 5311 Sweep Frequency Response Analyser detects transformer winding movements and mechanical failures due to mechanical shock, transportation or short circuits as defined in the IEC 60078-18.

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