4860 Feszültségváltó


Catalog ID: 4860

The 4860 series (control unit and capacitive HV divider with compressed gas and air caps) high precision standard voltage divider is used as a variable comparison standard in the differential method (bridge) measurement of high voltage instrument transformers.The special active guard controlled design of this divider set results in highest accuracy. This standard voltage divider is ideal for integration with the 2767 or 2769 test set in a full remote controlled instrument voltage transformer test system.High Voltage Divider Unit The high voltage divider unit comprises a capacitive high voltage divider (compressed gas standard capacitor C1 and air capacitor C2) and an electronic device in series, constituting a variable electronic divider (see system diagram). Capacitive voltage divider C1/C2 divides the primary voltage Uprim to voltage U1, which the electronic device matches to the required secondary voltage Usec. Voltage instrument transformers of less than 1 kV primary voltage can be connected directly to the electronic system via the adapter box supplied with the divider.Electronic Device The main components of this system are an input amplifier and a guard-potential control (up to 1010 V), an electronic divider and a power amplifier with the output stage. The instrument is protected against setting errors, over voltages and short-circuits. Errors message are indicated on the dot matrix display.

  • Universal comparison standard for any transformer ratios within a wide voltage range
  • Very accurate voltage divider ratio (+/-50 ppm, +/- 0.1 min)
  • measurement voltage is dependent only on rated voltage of compressed gas capacitor
  • For voltages less than 1000 V the electronic device can be used without additional divider
  • Suitable for all Tettex (2767, 2765, 2711/22 and 2711/23) and many other manufacturers’ transformer test sets
  • Direct replacement of earlier series 4850
  • Existing compressed gas capacitors can generally be equipped to form a complete system
  • Remote control possibility via IEEE 488 or RS 232C interface
  • Easy handling
  • Complete system is certifiable
  • A more cost-effective solution than inductive voltage standard transformers, especially for high rated voltage systems
Rendszerbe integrálhatóság:
  • Távirányítási lehetőség RS232 vagy IEEE488 interfacen keresztül
  • IEEE 488 interface type 4861/1
  • Cable data-links for:
  • IEEE 488 interface, 4m type 5993
  • RS 232C interface, 3m type 5991
  • RS 232C interface type 5992 (fiber optic)
  • Triad/coax adapter no. 008140-72
  • For compressed gas capacitor (for C/tan measurement)
  • IEEE 488 interface type 4861/1 Cable data-links for:
  • IEEE 488 interface, 4mtype 5993
  • RS 232C interface, 3mtype 5991
  • RS 232C interfacetype 5992 (fibre optic data-link) Triax/coax adapter no. 008140-72 for compressed gas capacitor (for C/tan δ measurement)