4761 / 4764 Áramtranszformátor


Catalog ID: 4761

The 4761 high precision standard current comparators is used as comparison standard in the differential method (bridge) measurement of current instrument transformers together with the measuring instruments type 2763 and 2767. The special active flux compensated design of these comparators results in negligible current errors.These units can also be used as current measuring range extension for C and tand measuring equipment.

  • Housing is made of an insulating material
  • All terminals and controls are mounted on the top panel
  • The holes for the wires of the bushing transformer are on the lateral face of the unit
  • Portable
  • 2763 és 2767 eszközökhöz  áramtranszformátor
  • Áram határérték kiterjesztés tand mérésekhez