KIT 4.0


Catalog ID: KIT 4.0

The KIT 4.0 is a high voltage system made of easily configurable elements. It is highly modular and is the ideal tool kit for conducting experiments in a university and in an R&D lab. A variety of experiments are possible with the generated AC, DC, and impulse voltages.The Haefely High Voltage Construction KIT 4.0 combines state of the art technology with ease of use, offering variable frequency experiments to students and is certified safety SIL 3.It integrates a frequency converter front end, digital oscilloscope for voltage and current measurements and completely refreshed accessories set. All components have their own NI LabVIEW function block, making the KIT modular in software as well as in hardware.The configuration is built up by inserting different KIT elements into connection cups or floor pedestals to form a self-supporting arrangement. Every connection cup has two vertical and four horizontal connection possibilities. All components have the same length and the same mechanical mating. No additional tools are required. Thanks to this simple yet sophisticated design, the user can create and recreate his setup quickly and efficiently.

  • Variable Frequency – from 10 to 200 Hz
  • Laptop / LabVIEW – Controlled
  • Software – Customizable
  • Safety SIL 3 Power Supply- Certified
  • PD Measurement – Compatible
  • Decoupled power supply – Clean separation from the Grid
  • LABV FB – Lab VIEW library including function block for each KIT component.
  • PICO- PICOSCOPE 3404D – 4 channels, USB-powered digital oscilloscope supplied with Lab VIEW function block and Lab VIEW sample program to read parameters from the AC, DC and impulse KIT setup
  • NK/100/100- STANDARD CAPACITOR 100 PF, 100 KV – SF6-insulated standard capacitor for loss factor measurement or accurate voltage measurement. It can be used together with a c and tan delta measuring bridge (e.g. Tettex instruments 2840/2820a) for high accuracy measurements of the C and tan delta of HV equipment.
  • RIP – DC RIPPLE MEASUREMENT – RC arrangement to enable measurement of the dc ripple. One set per stage is necessary. This option is included in the imp 1, imp 2 and imp 3 packages.
  • PD MEAS – PD MEASUREMENT SET – This set includes the necessary components for the PD measurement. It includes the DDX 9121b measuring instrument, the KAL 9510 calibrator, the coupling capacitor, the blocking impedance, and the AKV 9310 measuring impedance.
  • DKU – PRESSURE TEST VESSEL – Pressure and vacuum vessel to determine breakdown voltages of electrode arrangements as a function of vacuum and pressure for different insulation gases. The vessel is made of transparent material to observe the test. The control box has a manual valve and a gauge for the settings.
  • MF – MEASURING SPARK GAP – The measuring spark gap is used for obtaining breakdown volt-ages at various arcing distances and various electrodes arrangement. The measuring spark gap can also be used as chopping gap by mounting an electronic trigger sphere EZK. It can also be used as protection spark gap.